MSR Hubba Hubba

The original plan was to spend a month camping around Europe in bivvy bags under tarpaulins. Luckily in the final week before departure we saw the light and elected to invest in a tent. Our main goal in finding a tent was that it had to be light. This was why we originally decided to use bivvy bags as they are a real weight saver.

I headed down to my local outdoors/tent shop ‘Snow + Rock’, as I often find it easier to speak to staff and have a good look and feel of equipment before I buy it. The guys in there were great, I explained that I was about to cycle 3000km around Europe; and I needed something spacious, waterproof yet still light. A big ask it turns out. I was amazed at the amount of tents which lacked good waterproofing or which claimed to be two person but in fact you would struggle to fit two children inside. Furthermore the quest of finding a tent for around 1kg seemed nigh impossible.

Luckily I was directed to MSR’s Hubba Hubba this two man tent caught my eye at just 1.5kg trail weight it seemed perfect. Also I’d be sharing it with Tom and we’re both 6’2”, so not on the small side, but luckily this tent actually was a comfortable two-man tent as we could both fit our Thermarests inside. It has two entrances either side, which proved useful if one of us needed to get out in the middle of the night. These also give way to two porches which were great for storing our bags, so we knew they’d be safe. With just one pole it pitches in just three minutes and you can pitch it anywhere because it’s freestanding and doesn’t really need any pegs.

After living in it for a month it has stood up to almost everything, extreme heat, cold, wind, rain and even slugs! Every time the tent came out on top and always provided us with great shelter. Being a tallish tent it also means you can sit up easily with the pole design keeping it rigid in strong winds. Its green colour is also a winner and meant that while rough camping we were well camouflaged, avoiding being seen. We have camped with this tent on top of mountains, next to power plants, in fields, forests and on beaches…literally everywhere! It really has come up trumps and I will definitely be taking it with me on future expeditions. Although it is quite pricey I have definitely found it a great investment and hopefully it should last for a good few years yet. Without doubt the best tent I have ever slept in and I highly recommend it.

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  2. This tent is amazing and I think you have covered all the amazing pluses it has over other tents we tried. The biggest plus for my husband is that he is 6’4″ and can still sit upright inside, great for rainy rest days. The two of us are able to both sit inside comfortably without elbowing each other to death (much)! We also have the gear shed which is good for storage when you are in campsites or the weather is bad (we travel for longer with more luggage, 4 panniers plus shoes in the small awning is a bit of a squeeze). I am also able to sit inside the opening and cook use our stoves there as I am a little smaller than you guys.

    Oh, and after 8 months of use and getting very dirty it is still waterproof with no cleaning or extra waterproofing. Star buy.

    • Yeah the ability to move around was a winner when buying it, not something you always think about but a definite positive of the tent. I looked at that but decided we could make do without it as we took military tarpaulins to cover our bikes and any extra kit so they did that job nicely. Thats great to hear! Makes me feel better that I’ve not cleaned ours out yet haha, thanks for commenting

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