Quechua Decathlon S15 Sleeping Bag

The time came and I had to bid farewell to my good old vango sleeping bag. It had been my faithful companion for many years, staying with me and comforting me on cold rainy nights. It had been cycling to Paris, on a trek across the Sahara and accompanied me wherever I camped. It truly was the end of an era.

I then started out on the long quest to find a new bag. It can feel quit daunting at times when faced with so many brands each offering so many products each claiming to be ‘the best’. I decided to make a list of what I wanted in order to narrow down my choices and get it clear in my head what I actually needed.

  • Lightweight
  • Small and compact
  • Relatively cheap
  • Reasonable temperature resistance although not necessary

I decided to choose features which I deemed to be important for cycling around Europe with it. When I went cycling to Paris my old sleeping bag took up most of my left pannier –this wouldn’t be an option this time.

When on a trip to get some other gear to Decathlon, I stumbled upon the Quechua S15 Sleeping Bag; it seemed to meet all my needs. With a limit of 11C it would give me warmth but making sure I wouldn’t overheat in the heat of summer. I could also add a liner to get a few more degrees if I needed. It is a good size with a great packing size, it packs down very small so is a real space saver in the panniers. The best thing though is its weight, it only weighs 680g! All this for £29.99 I was blown away at the value for money offered by this sleeping bag. It could easily be priced twice or maybe three times as much and still be good value, a super one season sleeping bag and one I will be using for many more years.

PROS: Very lightweight, Warm, Easy to clean, Easy to pack away, Cheap.

CONS: Not suitable for all year round camping, although combined with a liner it doesn’t do too bad.


5 responses to “Quechua Decathlon S15 Sleeping Bag

    • Haha maybe, although it says 11C, I have found this a very warm bag and have just used it camping last weekend in sub zero conditions. Combined with a liner or some clothes it is very warm, and light!

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