BBB WaterFlex Shoe Covers

BBB overshoes

Living and cycling in Manchester, UK, means that it is almost constantly raining. I don’t mind the rain that much, combined with the cold though it is not nice. So after being a bit fed up of constantly having wet feet at the end of my cycles I decided to get some overshoes.

Like most of the equipment I buy I wanted something that was cheap but did the job I needed. So finding waterproof and ideally windproof overshoes that would fit my big feet was the goal. I looked on the internet and went to my local Evans Cycles, all of which pointed me towards the BBB WaterFlex. These seemed to have constantly top reviews and I can now see why.

  • Advanced 2mm WaterFlex material, outer polyurethane(PU) rubber with inner MicroFleece give the highest level of water-resistance, flexibility and durability
  • Reflective industrial-strength YKK-zipper
  • Velcro rubber strap for a secure fit
  • All seams are covered inside with waterproof tape
  • Two Kevlar reinforcements between sole and zipper as well as on the toe

These are the qualities that the overshoes claim and I must agree that they seem to perform and live up to almost every claim. They have kept my feet lovely and toasty when the weather has been below 0°C. In drizzle and in heavy rain they have kept my feet very dry. However in cases of torrential rain the water can seep through the top if you haven’t got the Velcro securely around your ankle.

However the one downfall they do have is that the seams on the bottom of the cover are not very durable and were fraying after just a couple of weeks use. This is easily fixed with a sewing machine however I did not expect wear like this to show so soon when I haven’t walked around in them much. However for around £20 they are still great value for money and if they last me through the winter I will be a happy man! Perfect for what I need, warm and waterproof, only snag is the build quality.


PROS: Cheap, Warm, Snug fit.

CONS: Not the best build quality.

3 responses to “BBB WaterFlex Shoe Covers

  1. I’m looking for some overshoes as winter is approaching here in Australia. It’s hard to find a positive review on any, as most people only talk about the negatives.
    Thanks Alex!

    • Hi Michael,
      I think these should do you great if you are not looking to spend loads and want warm feet. The build quality isn’t the best but theyve kept my feet pretty warm and mostly dry over the past winter in Manchester, UK. So I think they’ll do the job for you 🙂

  2. I like this BBB WaterFlex Shoe Covers, because it has a nice strong velcro strap underneath to keep them in place. I’ve already seen this and it is very lightweight, strong and versatile overshoe. Great overshoe to purchase!

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