Contour Roam 2 Review


PROS: Great picture, superb wide viewing angle, rugged, waterproof, easy-to-use.

CONS: Poor sound quality, expensive mounts.

Cycling in England is normally very safe. However during my commute into Manchester every day I do see my fair share of bad drivers. There are cars that pull out, drivers on their phones and not always a good attitude towards cyclists. I myself have had quite a few near misses.

After seeing many other cyclists on the road with helmet cameras I decided it was about time I got one. I wanted one that would be sufficient quality to withstand rain and other cycling conditions. I also wanted one which shot 60fps at a good resolution with a wide viewing angle. In simpler terms I wanted a nice wide shot, in high quality. There were two reasons for this, to make sure the camera wouldn’t miss anything on the road and to allow me to record driver’s faces, behaviour and number plates.

After viewing some shocking videos in the BBC documentary ‘War on Britain’s Roads’ and on YouTube my parents insisted on me having a camera. For the main purpose of evidence should anything bad happen, touch wood. I was therefore very lucky to receive a Contour Roam 2 for Christmas. It has several updates on the original contour, one being the important 60fps videoing it is capable of.

After over a month of using the Contour, I am very impressed with the camera. The picture is crystal clear and the usability is flawless. It is possibly the most easy to use gadget I own. It boasts a 4.5 hour battery which is more than sufficient as it has an expandable memory of up to 32GB. Contour’s main rival is GoPro; admittedly they too produce great if not slightly better cameras. However they don’t look like action cameras should, GoPro’s are very cumbersome and make you look silly with a giant camera. However the Contour is a sleek bullet camera which effortlessly fits onto your helmet with a mount, bought separately. The Roam 2 is also available in a variety of colours to suit your kit, or add a little contrast.

All in all the Contour Roam 2 is a great camera, which produces stunning film with a great wide viewing angle, perfect for any action adventure. It is also waterproof to 1m; a waterproof case up to 60m is also available. It is everything I needed in an action video camera and more, solid design. The only snag is sound quality is not too great, however it is clear. I would give the Contour Roam 2: 4.5/5, perfect for videoing any outdoor activity.

9 responses to “Contour Roam 2 Review

  1. Gosh the cyclist in the 2nd video is an angry man. I think he needs to assume that EVERY car/van/taxi is going to pull out on him and then he will be happy when they don’t and will have much lower blood pressure 😉

    • He certainly is, I think he is nicer than he comes across in some of his videos. Yeah I try to cycle with that mindset, it is a much calmer way of cycling however I do still get caught off guard every now and again by an aggressive driver

      • Its sad that we do have to cycle with that way of thinking though. Assuming that everyone is going to run us over given half a chance. Still expecting the worst is still a better way than assuming flouro yellow will save you or, saying a mantra every time I go for a ride which was suggested to me earlier this week. It was difficult to keep a straight face (I live in a proper hippy, alternative town).

      • Haha that’s hilarious! Well you don’t know till you try it 😉 When I commute I might as well be called Mr.Fluoro with the amount I wear to be seen, doesn’t do much though. I agree though it is sad that we have to cycle with that mentality.

  2. Hi Alex,
    Interesting post. Out of interest, what settings do you use for day time and night time ? Do you find the 60fps is best for resolving number plates ? Thanks J

    • Hi J,
      I use the action HD 720p which shoots at 60fps. At 720p to get a wider viewing angle so the camera picks up more of what you see which is really useful. Definitely the 60fps is very good at picking them up, depends on the road surface (how bumpy it is) I find it easy just to shout them out as the mic will pick up my voice. Daytime shooting is good, night time is not so good but you can still make out number plates etc. All in all a great camera for commuting/cycling with.
      Thanks for asking,

  3. Curious as to the rain/moisture… I know this camera comes with a case/shell for waterproofing, but what if I wanted to just use the camera – does it work well in the rain or snow or cold?

    • Hi Chris,
      This camera works well in the rain, using it in Manchester I have used it in the rain a lot! Without a case you can totally submerge the camera, with it still working, up to a metre under water. However if you want to pay a bit extra you can totally seal it by buying a waterproof case which works up to 60m under water, I don’t own this as I think its built-in waterproofness is satisfactory so haven’t tested it. As for the cold I have only used it in temperatures down to about minus 5 centigrade where it works perfectly (see the top video). I am not sure about really really low temperatures but it seems really rugged so I think it would cope very well.

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