Gore Phantom 2 Cycling Jacket


Ever get cold whilst cycling? Are the harsh winds chilling you to the bone? Maybe you’re fed up of getting wet? Well fear not, I have the answer to your pleas. The Gore Phantom 2 cycling jacket is simply unbeatable, an essential piece of kit for any budding cyclist.

I had needed a cycling jacket for quite a while. I had a thin waterproof and used to layer up underneath, however it used to billow in the wind and just wasn’t adequate. Fortunately just over a year ago my mum got me this wonderful jacket for Christmas; yes I described a coat as wonderful. Boy had she done her research well. The first time I wore it was on a sub-zero cycle to Wales with Tom on Boxing Day 2011. By some freak stroke of chance Tom also had been given the same jacket for Christmas. So we were set up for a good product test. A year later and I am still using it almost every day for my cycling. So it certainly has paid for itself. What I find amazing is how windproof it is, wearing this jacket almost eradicates wind-chill. I also have mine in a very bright and vivid fluorescent colour so cycle safe in the knowledge that not only is it keeping me warm but is also keeping me visible and hopefully safe.




Yes it is windproof and keeps you warm but what I find surprising is that I rarely overheat whilst wearing this jacket. It is very breathable, especially on the large back panel, which makes it ideal if carrying a backpack. Another innovative feature is that the arms can be zipped off, this makes the jacket so versatile as you can use it all year round, come rain or shine. Although only advertised as ‘Water-Resistant’ I can assure you after wearing this in all kinds of weather this jacket is capable of withstanding a pretty heavy downpour. If it does let rain in at least it keeps you warm! The fit of the jacket is another reason why it is so amazing. I am 6’2” and it fits true, I wear a medium size  jacket and it is very nice and snug fit. This helps keep me warm and also reduce drag, as there are few worse things than a big billowing jacket while cycling.


  • WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell
  • Slim fit
  • Stretch inserts for optimum freedom of movement
  • Zip-underflap and zip-port
  • Detachable raglan sleeves
  • Additional short sleeves
  • Reflective logo
  • Reflective print on sleeves
  • Reflective print on back
  • 3-compartment patch pockets on back
  • Slightly slanted back pocket at side for better access
  • Wear-resistant elastic binding on sleeve-hem and on hem of jersey

All in all it is a fantastic piece of kit. Perfect for long cycles in varying conditions. A superb well made and designed jacket that can be worn all year round. Although it is expensive (£125.99) it is a great investment into your well-being on the bike. 5/5

cycling gore jackets france

Tom and I wearing our jackets in the South of France this summer

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