The Answers

A few days ago, on twitter, I saw an advertisement for a job opportunity which I really liked the sound of. The job is to be a ‘Student Representative’ for Alpkit. Those of you who read my review of the ‘Alpkit Gourdon’ will know how passionate I am about this small-ish company and how great I think their products are. It seemed like a done deal, the more I read the more I was drawn in to what sounded like the dream job. Go to events over the summer, represent Alpkit and talk to people who have a passion for outdoors and adventures. A job doing what I enjoy, it sounded perfect.

The one drawback was that they were looking for University students; unfortunately I do not fall into this category yet. I won’t start Oxford till October this year. I wondered about not applying but it felt like a missed opportunity, so I e-mailed the recruiter Jay –who seemed like a lovely guy. He said that I should definitely apply, although they may not select me this year. So last night I sent off my application, fingers crossed.

Part of the application involved me answering three questions. So I thought I’d share with you the questions, my answers and the reasons behind them. There wasn’t much space, hence my short answers, but here goes:

What piece of kit always goes with you when you are out and why?

1)      I always take a camera of some sort. Whether it’s a contour on my helmet or just the one on my phone, I never leave my house without a camera. Every photo I take I find represents a memory, a place or a feeling. I find them the best form of documenting an expedition whether I’m trekking across the Sahara or just on a micro-adventure in the Peak District. I will always have a camera with me as it is always fun looking back at what you got up to.


However a camera is very generic if I could pick a particular piece of kit it would be my Gourdon 20, I have used it every day since I have got it. It is just so versatile. Commuting on my bike or trekking in the hills. It fits in everywhere and is perfect for any activity you throw at it. Rugged, waterproof and comfy, what more could you want? One of the best things I have ever got, without doubt the best bag!

I found this question very easy to answer, I love taking photos as some of you may have noticed from the photos page. I have used my camera more than my Gourdon which is why I included it. However I think this is only because my Gourdon is relatively new; I keep finding new uses for it. I am currently planning a few adventures seeing how long I can last cycling with nothing but what I can fit inside my Gourdon. So although it appears I cheated with my answer almost choosing two, I felt it justified as in the future I will probably say just my Gourdon.

What has been your most memorable trip, what did you get up to and where was it?

2)      A memorable trip is not always a good trip. Although the trip I have chosen was fun it was also the hardest expedition I have ever been on. 3000km cycling across Europe in 3½ weeks, through 8 countries. It was tough. Just me and my mate Tom, rough camping every night in our Alpkit bivvy’s or occasionally a tent. It is hard to summarise in just a few lines but I’ll give it a go. We got eaten alive by mosquitoes, almost run over near a Spanish motorway; our legs were pummelled by the Alps, Pyrenees and a couple of crashes. However eventually we made it home to the UK having had the best ‘holiday’ ever, although when we described what we’d got up to that was hard to believe.

This was a tough one to answer; I have so many great trips, very rarely a bad one. As even through bad experiences you learn things to help you cope, which make the good experiences even better. Eventually I did settle on last summer’s trip around Europe because it was probably the best experience of my life so far. I learnt a great deal, met some amazing people, slept and cycled in some amazing places and despite the hard times had a LOT of fun.

Whats the most memorable thing about you?

3)      My first major expedition was trekking 300km across the Sahara desert when I was 16. I had always enjoyed doing challenges and pushing myself to the limits. This opened up my eyes. I realised how easy it was to go out and have adventures. I am always trying to get people to go outdoors and try something new, by talking or giving speeches. That is why I love Alpkit so much, not only do you sell affordable gear, your equipment is the best! Also with the people you sponsor and employ I think Alpkit serves as a great company which is trying to get people out and adventuring, having good times.

This was the hardest question, How do you define what is memorable? What may seem memorable to you may not to someone else. I decided to give a brief summary of what I have done, why I have a passion for going on adventures and how this ties in with Alpkit. If you have any other questions for me please drop a comment below or let me know how you would’ve answered these three questions.

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