The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle

Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs

The Secret Race Tyler Hamilton Daniel Coyle

This book, as sad as it seems, was one of my most eagerly anticipated Christmas presents. I had heard rumours that it was amazing but was sceptical to believe them. Then with Lance Armstrong admitting to doping, I wanted to find out the inside story even more.


I began reading this book on Boxing Day and had finished it by New Year easily. It is a very easy read, I found myself hooked. Rather than revise for my January exams I was reading about Tyler Hamilton and Lance Armstrong. How they evaded the drug tests; conquered the cycling world of the Tour de France on US Postal.


It is a story of pursuit, to be the best. Tyler rises to the top of cycling after he could no longer ski. He then uncovers the dirty little secret of the sport and of Lance. He joins in with it, he has no choice, but everything good must come to an end sooner or later. His world came crashing down around him. Abandoned. Disowned by his sport and his friends. In the Secret Race he puts his past behind him, chooses to become a better man and publish the candid story for everyone to read. It is a fantastic read, even for the non-cyclist. One of the most gripping cycling books I have ever read. After reading this book I wouldn’t stop talking about it for about a month, it is very factually detailed and convincing. The truth will out, in-depth descriptions of how Lance and US postal used elaborate plans to evade the police and TdF officials. The mentality of cycling and what it was like having Lance controlling the whole world around him. This story is told from inside the team and Hamilton leaves nothing out for the reader. An inspiring real account of life and mentality in the peloton as a professional doper.


This is a fantastic book; I have hardly done it justice in this short review. However I do think anyone and everyone who enjoys cycling or sport should read this book. You will not only get a fantastic read but a wealth of knowledge about professional cycling and cycling with Lance Armstrong.


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