Campingaz Twister Plus Review

As promised in my last post. Here is the review of the Campingaz Twister Plus. On previous cycle tours that I have been on I made do without a stove. Opting for the lightweight option and ‘credit-card’ touring, buying food as and when I needed it. However although in principle this is great and definitely the option to go for if weight matters most and you want to cycle really fast miles through populated areas. We decided with camping stoves being so cheap, lightweight and useful; combined with the fact we were away for a month, we would need to buy one.

Campingaz Twister Plus Review

Where to begin? This was a big question with so many on the market for a complete range of prices. For Tom and I, who knew nothing about the different types of gas etc., online reviews became a bit puzzling. We knew that if we bought a Campingaz burner then we would have to buy Campingaz fuel, this is widely available in France and the UK however not in many other countries. It seemed each make had its own fuel, there were many options and it wasn’t clear what would work with what. Eventually we went down to our local outdoors shop to have a chat.


This was useful, we were shown many different types of camping stoves from ultra lightweight to double burners. We wanted the ‘Goldilocks’, something just right somewhere in the middle. A stove which is reliable, easy to use; not messy –we did not want to carry a Trangia and use meths. Fortunately Campingaz have produced the very stove we were looking for.

cooking cycling europe alps

The Twister Plus is a superb entry-level stove and catered to all of our culinary needs, from cooking curry to making a cup of tea. We took two large canisters with us (CV470) and they easily lasted us the month on the road. A good feature about the twister plus is that you can just pop the canisters in and then take them off after you’ve finished cooking because they are self sealing. This is really useful because it makes storage much easier. The actual burner packs up very small and comes in a case –the case is two pans for cooking. This is a clever storage design as it means no space is wasted. All that is required is to pop the burner on top of the gas, move around the three legs, turn on the gas, press the Piezo ignition and there you go. Could it be simpler?

cooking alps switzerland france

The power of the stove is rated at 2,900W and we found this very good as it constantly could boil the pan full (850ml) of water in about 3 and a half minutes. Great if you’re just stopping to have a cup of tea. It claims the runtime on a CV470 gas canister is up to two hours. I can certainly vouch for this and if you use it sparingly one canister could last you about 1.5-2 weeks. Although there are much lighter gas stoves on the market (this one is 464g including pans) this is very rugged and will not let you down. We have cooked everywhere with this cooker, at over 2000m it still preformed amazingly, ideal for people travelling in France/Europe and in the UK. If you are venturing further afield or for longer distances a stove that runs off different types of fuel might be preferable.



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