Plans For Summer

I am officially no longer a schoolboy. My A level exams have finished and I think they have gone alright, touch wood. My reward now is a four-month summer holiday as I wont start university until the 16th October. Four months is an awfully long time. I have been thinking for quite a while what to fill it with and where to go. I can now confirm I have planned it all.

I have had a lot of fun over the past few months going on shorter micro-adventures. I thought as there are so many things I want to do over this summer that the best way to combine doing different disciplines and seeing different places would be to do a series of micro-adventures. Weather permitting I will set out on my first one on Monday. The plan is for my brother and I to go have a cycling micro-adventure. He has never done any long distance cycling or cycle touring before. In fact he only just got his first road bike last week. He is buzzing for his first adventure though and I am looking forward to being the person to introduce him to the wonders of touring on a bicycle. We won’t travel far, probably about 50 kilometres from home; we’ll find a nice place to rough camp then start up a fire. We’ll use our cheap camping stoves to cook a nice meal, and then sleep in our bivvys under the stars. I think it will be a lot of fun and hopefully the start of many cycling micro-adventures over my summer.

alex Alexs Alex's Cycle

I have also been talking with Tom, who I cycled around Europe with, we are both glad in a way that we will both end up relaxing on beaches some time this summer. He is going to Croatia and I am going to the Algarve in Portugal. We are still both keen to go on some more adventures together though and will probably go on a few cycles and walks together in the Pennines and Wales.

In July I am going InterRailing with some friends from school. We will fly to Budapest and then InterRail through Prague, Vienna, Berlin and finishing in Amsterdam. I then have a week at home before I go to St. Andrews in Scotland for a week. When I get back it is only a few days before my A level results so that will be a nerve-racking few days. In-between all this I am aiming to get my book about cycling around Europe to near finishing point. I have just a few more days to write up and then the first draft will be finished. Then the long, and hopefully non-painful, editing process will begin.

alex Alexs Alex's Cycle Reading my Europe Cycle Diary

All in all I am enjoying the unlimited amounts of freedom I now suddenly have and I am rowing and cycling every day. It’s going to be a really packed four months but it’ll be a lot of fun. I’ll be sure to write it all up on here. Keep on pedalling.


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