Sennheiser MX685 Review


I love listening to music while I cycle or do exercise. However one problem I had for a long while was that I could not find any earphones that would fit my ears. Every pair seemed to just fall out after a few kilometres on the road. I eventually took to using micro-pore tape to secure them inside my ears; this was quite painful to tear off after a cycle so not ideal. Eventually though I found the best sports headphones ever. They just never fell out. They are the Sennheiser MX685 Sports In-Ear Headphones. Designed in partnership with Adidas and their athletes, so are perfect for exercise, yet they also bear the Sennheiser brand name so the sound quality is spot on.


I have now used these headphones and their predecessors for the past 5 years; they are some of the most rugged headphones I have ever worn. Their clever design means they grip to the inside of your ear and never let go, it takes an awful lot of head banging for them to come loose, not something I have managed to do. In the old model the ear-grips were detachable and were easily removed, this meant they were easy to lose. However Sennheiser have corrected this design flaw in the newer model. The new design is even more rugged and more comfy to wear for long periods of time. They are simple and do not need recharging which suits me as I find recharging multiple gadgets a bit of an effort. Just plug in and play, simple. They also do not have a remote for skipping songs, or adjusting volume etc. However I have a purpose MP3 player for my cycles and workouts which is always set to the correct volume and has a set playlist, so I do not in any way find this to be a drawback. They also come with a two year warranty which I think is pretty good as these are a mid-low priced pair of headphones.

The sound quality is superb, in the rain and in the dry. These headphones are water resistant and you can actually wash them by just running them under a tap. I have found this useful, especially to get rid of the salt build up from sweat.

What else comes in the box

What else comes in the box

They retail for £34.99 so very middle of the range however you can get them off Amazon for much cheaper. This is where I purchased my two pairs from and I recommend getting them from there. The MX685 is just one headphone in the range of sports headphones from Sennheiser; however I am sure the rest of the range will be built to the same quality. It just depends on what type of headphones you enjoy wearing to which headphones you buy. I do not like the in-ear ones as I prefer to hear more of my surroundings when I am on the bike, however if you do another sport or are looking for a pair of headphones for the gym the in-ear ones may be the ones to go for.

 In summary, if you are looking for a pair of easy-to-use, rugged headphones, which offer great value for money and don’t fall out of your ears, these are the ones to go for.


NB I am giving them a 4.5/5 due to their lack of remote as I think other people will find this a drawback. However there are others in the range which have a remote.


3 responses to “Sennheiser MX685 Review

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  2. omg, they are antithesis of secure fit, they keep falling out, therefore unpractical as my gym headphones, sound and buld quality is fine though

    • I am sorry I really do disagree. I still use mine every day and the fit is the most secure I have had out of any earpiece. Several other members of my rowing club also have the same headphones (and the in-ear version) and have commented to me on how superior the fit is compared with anything else they have ever tried. However perhaps they just don’t agree with the shape of your pinna. After consulting with a variety of people who own them though you are the only person who has expressed this view to me. So I would say that for the vast majority of people these headphones would be perfect. Cheers.

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