Waterproof iPhone Case Review

About a month ago I was contacted by GlobalBike.co.uk asking if I wouldn’t mind reviewing one of their products. As you can probably tell by this review I agreed. The reason that it has been a month since I got the product is because like every review I put on my blog I like to give products a thorough testing. I do long rides, short rides, in all possible weathers before I can be sure to recommend or discount a product. I also like my reviews to be true and honest, so you can read them as a credible source of information from a user of the product.

iPhone in the pOcpac case

iPhone in the pOcpac case, Front and Back

With this in mind I began to test the product from Global Bike. The iPhone case is called a pocpac and has been designed by the company of that name. It has been specially developed for cycling so it does fit perfectly in a rear jersey pocket. However as it is such a snug fit on the iPhone (It will fit all models of iPhone including the 5) and not bulky in any way it will also fit in normal shorts as well.  True to its claims the pocpac is very waterproof and I have not once had my iPhone get wet due to rain, sweat or condensation. The plastic of the case feels quite tough as well. So I am certain that the seams and clasp will hold up fairly well over months of use, maintaining its waterproof feature. Also the plastic case is transparent on one side which allows for full functionality of a smart-phone touchscreen which is a useful feature.

Unfortunately though the pocpac has a retail price of £6.99 which I think is quite expensive for what is a glorified sandwich bag! If it was around £4 I would say it is a decent purchase however there are a lot better alternatives for much cheaper on the market. Also due to the limitations of not being able to totally submerge it and that it is quite highly priced I am going to give the pocpac a review of:


A picture of one alternative to the pocpac is below; this is an unbranded waterproof case which can be totally submerged in water. It also has a neck strap for use when you are not cycling with a jersey. Furthermore it has a built in headphone jack so you can still listen to music whilst cycling or doing exercise and not jeopardise the waterproofing capacity of the case. It is a far superior case to the pocpac and is also cheaper. There are lots of different variations of these available on eBay and other internet stores.

iPhone waterproof case

Superior iPhone waterproof case with waterproof headphone jack

If you are looking for a good store for decently priced cycling gear and bikes I really do recommend checking out globalbike.co.uk. They only sell products rated 8/10 or higher, probably why they have chosen not to sell the pocpac. They are also really friendly, so I am sure if you had any queries or questions to ask them they would be more than happy to cater to your every cycling need.


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