Alpkit Hunka Bivvy Bag Review

PROS: Waterproof, Breathable, Flawless design, Value for money.

CONS: In high demand, so can go out of stock fast on

All tucked up in our Bivvy Bags

All tucked up in our Bivvy Bags

My Hunka bivvy bag was the first bit of kit I ever purchased from Alpkit. Tom and I both decided to buy them for our Europe cycle. Our plan was to travel lightweight and bivvy instead of taking a tent. However as the trip came closer and our mothers became ever more worried we were persuaded to leave the bivvy bags at home and to invest in a lightweight tent instead. A decision that in hindsight was great, it gave us a place to escape near death by mosquito bites.

So our bivvys never made an appearance because we thought it pointless carrying both with us for 3000 kilometres. Mine stayed in my wardrobe waiting for that opportunity to prove its worth. Fortunately they are perfect for micro-adventures. When you want something lightweight that will keep you dry and protected from the elements overnight, a bivvy bag will serve you well.

I have been using my Hunka for this purpose for over a year now and it is amazing. It is everything you could ask for in a bivvy bag. It is highly waterproof, having a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm. However it is also really breathable which is an important thing to factor in with bivvy bags. This is because if you get a bag that isn’t very breathable you will wake up in the morning and your sleeping bag will be wet with condensation. Alpkit have combatted this well and I have never had major amounts of condensation in the year that I have been sleeping in it. Instead it has kept me thoroughly dry, just what you want.


The design is well thought out too. Instead of having a separate stuff bag which could get easily lost the Hunka has a cool design, which incorporates itself into the bag so that it folds away nice and small easily without the need for a separate bag. This means it can easily pack down to a small size and fit in your hand. It is also lightweight at only 376g so if I am just going for a few days I will almost always take my bivvy instead of a tent because it is so much easier and lighter. The hood of the sleeping bag also has draw cords on each side, which allow you to easily constrict the opening if it does start raining or get cold. However if it does look like it is going to rain I recommend setting up your bivvy under a tree or a tarpaulin.

I own the standard Hunka, which retails for £30, there is also a Hunka XL which is larger and therefore slightly heavier, and that is £45. I have found the Hunka to be a great size for me. I am 6’2” and slim so I can fit my sleeping bag, 6cm thick sleeping mat, and myself all snugly inside. However I am often more comfortable having my sleeping mat on the outside of my bivvy as then I have more room to move around. If you have a larger frame or a nice thick sleeping mat like me the Hunka XL would probably be the better choice.


The Hunka has been featured in the Independent’s 10 best tents review it also has the gold seal from SingleTrack mag. I totally understand why as well. It is perfect in everyway, from usability to price. Alpkit have got it spot-on here.



4 responses to “Alpkit Hunka Bivvy Bag Review

  1. Nice review once again Alex.

    I’ve been considering one myself. I’m 5’11” and would keep my Exped mat on the outside. I’m not a big frame person so from what you say the Hunka would be fine?

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