The Ride of Your Life

Recently Evans Cycles conducted a survey so that they could better understand Britain’s cyclists. I thought the results were quite interesting, and nice that a large company clearly cares about its customers, so thought it worthy of writing a post about. It allows you to see the cycling habits of the rest of the UK, reasons for cycling and to see how you fit in with relation to the rest of our cycling population.

Here is how I would fare against the questions:

How much did you pay for your most valuable bike? £1000-2000

What is your top reason to get excited about cycling? Having the freedom of going anywhere on an adventure.

What is the length of your average ride? This varies massively but I’d guess about two hours.

What is your top tracking device? Map my Ride.

Where did you buy your latest bike? Online, built my own by buying parts.

What sources of information are most important when you need advice on bikes? Reviews of people who have the bike or have ridden it for prolonged periods.

What is most important when buying a new bike? Quality.

Do you ride with other people? The majority of my time I ride alone however having just joined my University cycling club that is about to change, I much prefer riding with friends.

If you could go on a tandem anywhere who would you go with and where would you go? I would go with my girlfriend and we would cycle all around South-East Asia.

What is a cyclist’s worst enemy? Inconsiderate drivers.

Is you bike easy to maintain? After going on the awesome Evans FixIt course before my last cycle tour I can definitely say that gave me the skills to do the majority of bike maintenance tasks. After building my own bikes I would say I can now deal with almost any problem I might have.

Do you use social media? Yes, pretty much everything.

Here are the results of the rest of the UK population:


It is an interesting study and due to the answers in the ‘who would you ride a tandem with’ question it is key how big the impact of the Olympics and two successive Tour de France wins has been on cycling in Britain. I think Evans Cycles do a great job in order to get as many people on the road as possible and more importantly keep you on the road, with maintenance classes, a whole variety of products, and servicing solutions. As I now live in Oxford I unfortunately don’t have as great access to stores as I used to in Manchester. Which is a shame because there are quite a few bike shops here which over-charge customers and don’t give the same quality of care as Evans did, also the mechanics are certainly not as well-trained. With Oxford being such a large cycling city too I think it could really benefit from an Evans store. Fortunately they have a great online store which often has some super deals in too so that’s where I’ll have to purchase my gear from till I get back up to Manchester at Christmas.

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