Book Update #3

It has been a while since the last update on how things are going with my book. Also as my new years resolution was ‘to publish it’ I figured now would be the opportune moment to explain what is going on and what is still left to tackle. All in all it is going well, although I am finding it hard to devote a lot of time towards it. Unfortunately for the book university work, adventures, training and this blog all have priority over it. So the time I have been able to spend over the past couple of months editing it has been limited.


Fear not though, the end is in sight. I have still managed to plod along with the editing, here and there, mostly on trains to-and-from visiting my girlfriend in London. I can finally announce that the first stage of editing is complete. I am also relatively happy with the majority of the book and how it reads. There are still a few sections that require minor edits or deletions however I think a final manuscript is very close and definitely on the horizon. Hopefully just a few more hours on trains or in a coffee shop and it will be tweaked. For the initial manuscripts, that I handed out to a few people, I have received great feedback. I found it reassuring, knowing that something that I have toiled over for almost a year and put a huge amount of time into was not rubbish. Well at least a few people think it is not rubbish, we’ll see when it finally gets released what people think. It is by no means a literary masterpiece, however I think it gives a good rendition of the troubles we encountered and the journey we took around Europe. If it serves to inspire just one person to take up their bike and go on a cycle tour I will consider it a success. It would also be nice if it sold a few copies and so it could raise a bit more money for the MS society. This is because I have decided to donate money from each book purchase to the MS society, the charity which Tom and I raised £3000 for during our cycle.

There are a lot of steps ahead of me into the unknown. However I hope they won’t be that hard. Surely the hardest part will have been getting the manuscript in a near ready condition? Once the manuscript is finished, hopefully sometime over the next month, I will then have to format it and put it into a .pdf format so that I can upload it onto lulu. Then begins the task of designing a cover, which will sell the book, one that stands out for all the right reasons. I want it to look professional and take time over it because that is what I have done with the rest of the book and at the end of the day it’s going to have my name on it. I then have to set a price and check a proof copy before I can finally click the big ‘publish’ button and send my book out into the world.

I am looking forward to all of these steps because each one will pull me ever closer to that final stage, the one I have been trying to get to for so long. I just hope –touch wood- that it has all been worth it. It doesn’t feel far off now, now that I am almost over the largest hurdle. So hopefully the final steps will all go smoothly and quickly. Then I will be able to meet my new target and have it published by Easter.

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