Canterbury Base Layer Review



PROS: Superb design, long life, multifunctional, great value-for-money, top of the field

CONS: Canterbury printing can come off after about 4 years of frequent washing

I have used these base layers for over eight years, for a variety of sports and activities. So it is fair to say I have given them a very thorough testing. They keep me warm when it’s cold outside, provide compression to muscles reducing fatigue, and help you achieve your goal.

For a piece of clothing that only costs around £30 I think this is a very good deal! I have owned four over the years and only had to recently retire my oldest one, as it had been through the wash a few too many times. It is one of the pieces of kit that will stay with you no matter what discipline you are in. No matter what sport or challenge you have set yourself this Canterbury skin will probably help you, during the activity or afterwards to aid your muscle recovery. Even if you are not doing sport but are facing a cold morning travelling to work if you slip one of these under your shirt it will keep you so much warmer!

I first used these for rugby however using them whilst hiking, micro-adventuring, cycling and rowing has proven to me just how multifunctional they are. They help to wick sweat away from your body yet whilst keeping you warm so that the elements won’t affect your performance. They are also a very comfortable piece of kit. You hardly notice the seams and they don’t leave marks on your skin, which I have found occurs with other base layers. They also somehow avoid getting very smelly after prolonged use, something which is a definite positive and adds to their longevity in your kit bag.


Features of the base layer:

  •        Moisture Management
  •        Proactive insulation for cold environments
  •        Boosts evaporation of sweat
  •        Anti chill factor – maintains constant body temperature
  •        Zinc-pyrithione anti odour agents


I wear these in almost every activity that I do, multiple times per week. I find them one of my most important pieces of technical clothing. They are not very expensive and offer superb value for money. I have used them for years and will continue to in the future, as no matter what adventure or challenge I am undertaking they will always come in useful!


Rating: 5/5

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