The Boys Who Cycled Europe Now Published

The final front cover


It has been over a year in the making. I have toiled away for many hours, writing, editing, and formatting. I have found it a hugely rewarding process to carry out and it has reinvigorated me to go on more epic adventures. Now all the work that I have put into my book has come to a close, it is published and out there for the world to see.

Initially I found the fact that anyone could read and judge my book quite a overwhelming concept, as I did not consider myself a writer so was worried about people judging me as one. Also being only 19, and 18 when I wrote it, I felt that I was very young to be publishing a book. However I grew to realise that it didn’t matter if I ended up getting a few negative comments because if I was happy with it then that was what mattered to me. Also as I have decided to give the majority of the proceeds to charity every copy that sell will help do some good. So looking at the bigger picture, and being happy with my finished product, solidified in my mind that I had made the correct decision. Fortunately this feeling has been emanated, as after being published for less than a day it has already sold ten copies, and I have received some amazing comments! Furthermore in addition to the money I will be donating to charity from those ten sales two readers have gone on to donate a further £50 to the MS society on my charity page for the Europe cycle. It is very heartfelt and I am touched that they thought it was worth an additional donation.

The book is available from a variety of outlets, thanks to the distribution from lulu. Here are a few links where you can purchase it from amazon and the iBookstore. The majority of the proceeds will go to the MS Society and the few pennies left over from each sale will go towards this website and its maintenance. If you have any comments on the book please to email them to me at or alternatively review on the site where you bought it. I enjoy hearing feedback so it would be great to hear what more people think of my adventure around Europe!

Unfortunately with me being a first year medical student and summer drawing near I have very important exams, becoming increasingly closer. It is with great regret that over the next six to seven weeks I will have to divert my full attention to exams rather to my blog. I will try and post whenever I can however this is just a little disclaimer saying they may become a little sporadic. However normal service will commence at the end of June when my huge summer begins. I have lots of exciting plans sorted and will be off travelling a lot! So there will be a lot of content to fill your computer screens over the summer months from a variety of countries and adventures around the world.

I hope you enjoy reading the book, and in the meantime keep on pedalling! The micro-adventure season had begun…

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.
The back cover of The Boys Who Cycled Europe

4 responses to “The Boys Who Cycled Europe Now Published

  1. I think that authors who are honest are easily forgiven for being less polished or more naive. And you sound like an honest author. It’s authors who pretend to be more than they are who are offensive. I look forward to reading your book. I think it will be an enjoyable experience 🙂 Good luck with your medical exams

    • Thanks Andrew, I feel that it is an honest book because I started out writing it just for me and enough happened during the trip there wasn’t really much need for any embellishments. Cheers! Enjoy another night under the stars, I am envious.

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