Becoming a Studio Cycling Instructor

A few weeks ago The Training Room invited me down to London. They are a company that specialise in personal training courses so at first I thought, what on earth do they want with me? I’ve always enjoyed exercising, whether it’s rowing at a high level or cycling across countries but I had never considered personal training. The Training Room invited me down to spend a day studio cycling (a.k.a. spinning/indoor cycling) during this day I would spend time on the bikes, in a classroom, and carrying out assessments to become a qualified Studio Cycling instructor. It sounded like a lot of fun and even Chris Froome was an indoor cycling instructor at one point so I thought I would give it a go.

The day started early, there was obviously a lot to pack in! Despite crashing on a descent whilst I was out riding two days earlier, my face and body were healing up; I was feeling fresh. I met some other bloggers who had also been invited down for the day; everyone was bright and looking forward to the day. Our instructor David introduced himself and then gave an overview of the day ahead before taking us up to the bikes and our first indoor cycling session. I was a little apprehensive here as I had never been to an indoor cycling session before, preferring to just be out on the road. I had also been told by other people that they were really difficult so wasn’t really sure what to expect. Fortunately David’s instructions were really clear and my cycling fitness paid off, I found it wasn’t too much of a shock. It felt just like riding a road bike, so would be great training for anyone wanting something different for their winter cycling training or perhaps for preparation for a cycle tour. It’s sweaty work, so definitely remember your towel, but it was really enjoyable doing the session as a group and you also never have to worry about punctures!

Just before my first spinning (indoor cycling) session!

Just before my first spinning (indoor cycling) session!

During the spinning session I tried to concentrate on the different commands and instructions David was giving us, knowing that I would have to do the same later in the day. After we had cooled down from the session it was into the classroom for some theory. Here we were given a presentation and then split into groups to do various assessments ranging from the different benefits of indoor cycling to the health and safety of instructing a session. It was interesting and not overly hard mentally, so worked well in making it a fun morning. After an amazing lunch we were back in the classroom for some more teaching and assessments. Here we designed and planned out our own indoor cycling session and also planned the music which would play while we did it. We also all revised all the different positions or ‘moves’ so that we knew them inside out for our practical assessment later in the afternoon. It felt like there was a lot to do in a small amount of time, and in a way there was, but it was really manageable and everyone was really enthusiastic about it.

In the classroom doing a bit of theory.

In the classroom doing a bit of theory.

All the bloggers and our instructor David, hungry and ready for our lunch

All the bloggers and our instructor David, hungry and ready for our lunch

Next it was practical assessment time. We had all passed everything throughout the day, just one more hurdle to get over before we would all be qualified instructors. We would each have to do a class introduction, explain all the different positions, and all the health and safety. Then we each took turns giving our own indoor cycling classes. When we weren’t giving our class we participated in everyone else’s classes, so it was tiring work. It was great fun, but tiring and sweaty work talking through the class whilst doing the exercises at the same time. Fortunately everyone was filled with enthusiasm and really enjoyed it. We all helped each other and ensured we all succeeded.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and even better at the end we all came out as qualified indoor cycling instructors! I felt it had improved my fitness, knowledge of fitness, and also would enable me to further my own cycling knowing about the training from an instructor’s perspective. It was a really fun and rewarding day, something I think would translate if you undertook a longer personal training course with the training room. They were really understanding and helpful throughout the day, pushing us on to succeed. This helped make it really enjoyable so it almost didn’t feel like an assessment or work. I think this is something they also strive hard to achieve, they want you to do something you find enjoyable, so that you can wake up and do something you love for a living. The day spinning certainly had me convinced and although I think I’ll stick to becoming a doctor for the moment I might do some further qualifications so that I could coach some spinning classes in my holidays. It really is a LOT of fun!

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