Kask C50 Vertigo Helmet Review


Fortunately I have never had to put any of my past helmets to the test properly as I have never been knocked off my bike. However before the start of summer I realised my previous helmet had a large crack right through the middle, probably due to its old age. I am a firm believer in wearing a helmet when I am out on my road bike, although you may be confident that you’re not going to fall off you never know what is around the corner so I think it is sensible to wear a helmet. Therefore I think it is worth spending a bit of money to ensure your safety while you are out riding your bike.

Fortunately I didn’t have to spend any money as I received this amazing helmet for my birthday, if I had it would have set me back around £100. This is a lot of money, especially for a helmet. However if it prevents me having serious brain injuries in a crash then I think it is worth it? Also this helmet looks awesome! With this helmet there is certainly no excuse of not wearing a helmet because you “won’t look cool.” It fits snugly onto my head, not making it look like a silly mushroom on top of my head. It sits there comfortably with coolmax pads, designed to quickly absorb and remove sweat, keeping your head dry and cool. The helmet is also easily adjustable whilst wearing, even with gloves on, via the large dial located at the back of the helmet to change the tension. The straps are leather and feel amazing on your face whilst wearing, long gone are my old fabric ones which used to become soaking wet in sweat. The whole helmet has been designed and produced in Italy and it is this quality and style which shines through. This is a helmet built to be the best, no expense spared. It helped Chris Froome win the Tour de France and has been the helmet of choice of Team Sky for the past few years. However if you want to get one in team sky colours this will set you back an extra £20.

The helmet of choice for Team Sky's Chris Froome

The helmet of choice for Team Sky’s Chris Froome

The helmet has a decent amount of well designed vents which keep the helmet looking sleek yet offer superior ventilation. This is something that I wanted with a helmet as my last Scott one made climbing on a hot day very sweaty. However with this helmet you are kept nice and sweat-free and for the cooler days you can easily adjust the back dial so that it can accommodate a cap underneath. If you take your sunglasses off mid-ride then the arms fit snugly into the vents at the front for easy accessibility. The design is just purely flawless; you even get a little bag to store your helmet in when not riding.

Although this is expensive it is not a whole lot more than a decent road helmet and therefore I think the price is very reasonable. If you bring into consideration the quality and value-for-money along with it’s race pedigree this has to be one of the best helmets on the market. Compared to my old helmet it makes the riding feel more enjoyable and you can ride assured that your head is nice and safe.


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