PHOTO OF THE DAY: Preparing for the race



It was a great experience to watch the Tour de France last year in Yorkshire. As the build up for this years tour is about to begin I thought I would share one of my favourite photos from last years tour that I took.


This man was spray painting the words ‘Get Well Soon Cav’ onto the road right in front of the police. No one cared, everyone was happy, everyone was supportive. It was a huge disappointment when Mark Cavendish crashed out of last years Tour on the first stage however that didn’t stop people turning out in their tens of thousands to line the roads of stage two.


Everyone turned up, cyclists and non-cyclists, people who lived close and people who had ventured far, people who were sport enthusiasts and people who just fancied a nice day out in the sun. Everyone was excited and everyone showed yet again that the British love to get behind and support a huge sporting event. The atmosphere was electric and no matter who cycled past they got a huge cheer.

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