PHOTO OF THE DAY: The finish line.


It is almost 3 years since this point. Tom and I had just cycled over 3000 kilometres around Europe and were about to hop on to the ferry home.

It brings back many happy memories, the benefit of reminiscing with rose-tinted glasses. In a few days we will be flying out to Alaska to start our next big cycle. Whilst I am truly excited for the new memories we will make and experiences we will have I know that it will be tough. Cycling over 6000 kilometres unsupported in just less than 2 months will be a tough challenge. However it is not a challenge if you think it would be easy. To quote TS Elliot ‘only those who risk going too far can possibly find our how far one can go’.


Posts will be probably relatively sporadic as I attempt to blog from the road over the next two months however I will be updating twitter as often as I can. We are hoping to raise close to £10,000 for the mental health charity Mind which will provide enough money for them to set up two new local support groups. Any donation large or small will help make a huge difference and will be very much appreciated by the huge amount of people in our world that suffer from mental illness.





2 responses to “PHOTO OF THE DAY: The finish line.

    • Thanks Andrew, we fly out a week on Wednesday. I’m just doing some last minute organisation and purchasing of equipment at the moment. I’m so excited! (I’ll hopefully be posting on twitter (@alexscycle) and instagram (@apavitt))

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