Alaska 2 Mexico: Halfway

Tom and I have now been on the road for what is approaching four weeks. It has been an exciting and joyful journey so far, though not without its difficulties. 

We have had to deal with broken bikes, causing us to have to hitchhike back to the start point and re-start our trip. There have been long barren stretches of road without any food or water, sometimes causing us to change our route. There has been long days in the saddle with us cycling up to 240 kilometres in the day and not finishing cycling till midnight. 
However despite these initially presumed difficulties we have both had a great time. We are more used to life on the road, we know it’s not perfect, it is all just about staying positive -laughing through the harsh times, accepting situations and moving on. 

Fortunately, so far, we haven’t run into any problems with wildlife. We have seen Grizzly bears from about 5 metres away, cycling past them, they did not bother us. Though we have been carrying bear spray just in case but touch-wood we won’t have any close encounters with any nasty creatures.

For the last couple of weeks of cycling our mileages have been a lot lower and more manageable, we have only neared 160km on a few occasions. This has been great as it has given us more time off the bike to relax, read, and explore more of our surroundings. We think the best distance for us is around 140 kilometres per day and luckily we should be able to average this for the coming month to the Mexican border. 

It is likely to be different cycling along the busier route 101 down the West Coast of the lower 48 however we are both excited to continue our journey towards our goal and continue exploring places along the way. 

Updates on Twitter should be relatively more frequent through Washington, Oregon, and California as I expect phone signal and wifi acailabity to be improved from the serious lack of it through the Yukon and parts of Alaska. I will also try and post some photos of the trip so far, though that will rely on me finding a computer. 

We are currently packing up our bags as tonight will be our final night on Vancouver Island. This is our opportunity to take on some fresh kit and send home any items we think we can do without. Tomorrow will be a 5am start followed by a 50 kilometre cycle to the ferry, which will take us from Victoria to Port Angeles. From there we will cycle about 100 kilometres into the Olympic National Park and find a nice place to camp. 

If you are around the West Coast over the next month send me a message via the ‘contact me’ above, would be great to have some more people to ride with for a bit. 
For Twitter updates: @alexscycle

For Instagram updates: @apavitt

For donations to the mental health charity mind, whom we are doing this cycle 

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