The Boys Who Cycled Europe is my first book and is available in print or eBook formats. It was a long process writing and editing it and you can read about the different stages of publishing here.

About the book:

Alex and Tom are just schoolboys who do not have much knowledge about cycling. What they do have is a huge summer holiday to fill. Armed with some overly packed bicycles and no training they waved bye to their parents and set off to cycle 3000 kilometres around Europe, to raise money for the MS society. They aimed to cycle their bikes through 8 countries, meeting new people and seeing the world from a different perspective. However with crashes, infestations, and being eaten alive they are faced with a much harder task in order to make it home.
Alex and Tom managed to raise over £3000 for the MS Society during their cycle. This book will enable them to carry on this effort, as £1 from every book will be donated to the MS Society.

About the author:

Alex is an ice-cream lover, yet ironically lactose intolerant. He has adventured from a young age, walking to school and even occasionally cycling to the local park. However when he was fifteen he decided to dream a little bigger by trekking 300 kilometres across the Sahara desert in Morocco, he never looked back-except to see where he had been.Alex’s first cycle-tour happened haphazardly when he was just 16; with two friends and a couple of pages printed out from google maps, somehow they managed to find their way to Paris from Manchester. Upon returning Alex and his friend Tom felt the buzz, realising they had to go on many more cycles and adventures.

Now, between adventures, Alex is a second year studying medicine at the University of Oxford. You can read more about his other adventures and see photos of the Europe cycle by browsing the blog or follow him on twitter @alexscycle.


Where to buy:

My book is available from a variety of vendors including the iBookstore, Lulu, Barns & Noble, and Amazon. If you click on the front cover below you will be taken to Amazon where you can purchase it in either print or eBook. Every purchase helps raise more money for the MS Society, alternatively if you wish to donate more the JustGiving page for my Europe Cycle is still active to accept donations.

The final front cover

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and all reviews are kindly accepted. If you have a blog and wish to write a review of my book to post on your blog drop me an email here.

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