25/12/12: Rain, rain, rain it just won’t stop! Little motivation to get out on my bike at the moment. I got a Contour Roam 2 for christmas so can’t wait to try it out on my commute I think it should be good. I’ll post a review sometime in the new year. Merry christmas to all!

13/12/12: Interviews went okay hard to tell though, I will hear back in mid january, fingers crossed…

05/12/12: Preparation is going well for my interview, feeling good about it, fingers crossed. I should have some new posts up early next week!

29/11/12: There wont be many posts over the next two weeks, I am sorry. This is because I have to prepare for my medical interview at the University of Oxford. I’m pretty nervous.

02/11/12: After stumbling across the London-Edinburgh-London cycle on the internet I am hooked. 1400km in 5 days, what a challenge. Really want to sign up to this one.

26/10/12: I am currently reading Good Vibrations by Andrew Sykes an interesting and easy read I do recommend it to anyone that enjoys adventure books. It resonated with me particularly well reminding me of my Tour de Europe. Maybe I should document mine and Tom’s experiences and write a book also?

22/10/12: An interesting week, I have been longing to be back on the bike cycling away into the distance, but where to? I need to start planning my next big adventure and raise the bar again before I go to university, hopefully.

15/10/12: It has been a very busy and hectic month. I have only managed to get in the odd cycle now and again, my new bike is AWESOME more of that to come… Hopefully more attention can now be spent on the blog now that I have applied for university and it has been sent off. All I do now is wait and hope I get asked to interview, fingers crossed.

13/09/12: 18 today! Got a new Cannondale SuperSix, very pleased with it. It’s about 3kg lighter than my current bike so that should make quite a difference! Can’t wait to get out on it…just need to go get some pedals. I am already feeling the need to take it on a long trip, where shall I go this summer?

07/08/12: First cycle since arriving home and boy was it needed. I have had my bike fixed up and serviced feeling a lot better now. Only problem is without my panniers I seem to have forgotten to ride my bike. With almost zero balance now I am slowly regaining the feeling of a light bike but don’t think I’ll be standing up on the pedals anytime soon.

30/07/12: What a month. Been an absolute whirlwind. So hard to sum up so I’m not even going to try to. It was tough but feels so rewarding and the weather was great! Not one boring day I am glad I kept a diary because so much has happened. After arriving home I now am looking forward to one day in my long-awaited bed and seeing my girlfriend again before heading down to the London Olympics. Can’t wait.

06/07/12: Yet again leaving in the rain, Mum and Dad drove Tom and myself down to Portsmouth; we have now begun! Should be at Bilbao tomorrow evening, have a night in a hostel, then the serious cycling will begin on sunday! Feeling good about whats ahead although it looks like I am coming down with the flu so hopefully it will hold off. No more posts on here while we’re away but our charity page will be updated everyday, with news about the days events and how we’re getting on, so check that out here. Fingers crossed it’ll be a good month!

26/06/12: Been on a couple of hilly 100 milers this week around the pennines, the weathers not been great but decent riding because the bike is feeling great since its service. It turns out we will be sleeping in a tent after all, we managed to find a great one called the ‘Hubba Hubba’ made by MSR put it up a few times and its great, and also feather light, we’ll see how it fairs in the Alps. We managed to get a huge discount on it courtesy of Snow + Rock the guys in there were great and understood what we were doing and that we were doing it for charity so SCORE!

20/06/12: Everything is beginning to arrive for the cycle, I have just recieved a new thermarest which is 6.5cm thick yet only weighing 230g, luxury with weightlessness! My bike has just come back from a “gold” service at evans, I must recommend these. They are pricey but they have totally stripped my bike down to the frame then rebuilt it replacing any part that is overly worn. Needless to say my bike is now as good as new and may even feel better, it certainly is going much faster thats for sure.

The training is continuing and I am hoping to do a couple of consectutive 100 milers this week, now that my exams have finished. Unfortunately Tom and I did not qualify for Henley regatta in the quad this year. This was quite a set back as we had been training with Ollie and Charles for quite a while aiming on qualifying, we got very close but on the day the weather was atrocious. However this has made us more hungry to go for the win next year!

08/06/12: I came across haphazardly whilst researching my euro cycle. I was glad I found it. This nottingham based company have a whole range of high quality products I wish I had the money to buy.

A possible sponsor? I wish…

They seem very friendly and dedicated to bringing great innovations cheaply to the market. I ordered my ‘hunka bivvy’ yesterday and it has already arrived. Great service for a great product.

I had recently been toying with the idea of sticking with a tent or manning up and going harcore this summer. As you can tell i chose the hardcore option. This was for a number of reasons:

1. I am aiming to rough camp for the majority of nights therefore this will help keep a low profile whilst still being practical.

2. Combined with a tarp (Alpkit offer a Rig 7, which I would love but haven’t the money) it is pretty much a tent yet much more waterproof with a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm!

3. As I will be cycling through the alps and pyranees it will help gain an extra 3degrees or so, every little helps.

4. A tent is heavy and cumbersome and I am trying this year to travel as light as possible.

I have just tested it and it came up triumphant! I am able to fit in snugly with my thermarest, winter sleeping bag and full clothed with some crawl space! I am 6’1″ so it definitely preforms here. Another added bonus is that it packs up tiny and only weighs 350g, so space saver in the panniers!

All in all I is great and the bivvy is awesome.

03/06/12: A very busy day, but a lot has happened. I have successfully booked this summers cycle around europe with Tom. We will leave via ferry on the 6th July to Bilbao,Spain then cycle circa 3000km through northern spain, across the Pyrenees to southern France. Then across the Med to Italy and up to Turin and Geneva. We will finish on the 29th July at Rotterdam and catch the overnight ferry to Hull, then it’s just 100miles and home.

It should be a great trip both of us cannot wait! Yet again amazed that we have booked almost a month away and it still only cost £230 each!! Roll on the cycling, only 5 weeks away.

14/05/12: The dreaded A-Levels have started today so they will take priority over the next couple of weeks. After which it will be summer! I will update ‘the blog’ with a few new posts and hopefully get some more reviews and a video up on the site. Woop woop.

I am not normally a person who enjoys bad weather cycles, so was quite dubious about taking my bike out today.

Lucked out though, thank god. Managed to do a nice hilly route down the A6 in the peak district to Castleton, one of my favourite rides. Some how managed to have a tail wind in both directions! Clocked 67kph on the way back.

Definitely cannot beat a nice tailwind with some tunes and tearing past other cyclists, great feeling!

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