Moon XP1500 Bike Light Review

With the nights at their longest and winter unrelenting its grip on the weather it’s always important to be safe when you’re out on your bike. Be seen and you will be safe, well hopefully. One thing you can guarantee is that with this bike light you will certainly be seen, probably from over a mile away! It really is that powerful.

In the past I have always elected to purchase cheaper bike lights off eBay or from my local bike shop. However I often found that battery life wasn’t very good, they didn’t stand up to harsher weather, and often the mounts were cheap meaning that the light would fall off and smash on the ground. Fed up with this problem of always having an unsatisfactory bicycle light I got the Moon XP1500 from Argos who also sell a wide range of bicycles. Now this is an expensive light, definitely at the top of the price bracket however you certainly do get what you pay for.

Moon XP 1500 Bike Light

Unlike any bike light I have owned before this came in it’s own specialised carry case. This is a well designed box which contains everything you need to use the light anywhere you may want to use it. Often with products you buy the main item and then get suckered in to having to buy all the different mounts so that you can tailor its function to your use. Fortunately this is not the case with the XP1500. This light comes with a variety of fixtures to use on your bike or your helmet so that you have a mixture of mounting options.

As I leave my bike in an outside bike shed I didn’t deem it safe to leave my light on my bike overnight. However even with this light having an external battery pack it is really easy to remove and install, taking no more time than an ordinary bike light. The external battery I was expecting to be a big downside as it has been the reason steering me away from these types of powerful lights in the past. However I have been totally won over. I cannot notice any extra weight, you simply strap it to your frame and just forget about it, the straps are secure and all the wiring is robust maintaining the lights waterproofness. I have found that the best place to put this light is on my handlebars, this is because I mainly use roads, it clips in to the handle bar mount and stays there solidly. The solidity of the whole system is an impressive design feature, everything has been well thought-out and you can definitely feel the difference in quality comparing this light to one of even around £100.  The quality of the light is superb; it packs a very considerable punch for such a small light. When I’ve been cycling in Oxford it literally turns heads. The light illuminates the whole road with a focused bright central region and a large less bright broad surrounding area. Therefore this would make a great light for off-road mountain biking or for cycle touring when you’re cycling through less well-lit expanses.

The opening of the case and all the accessories.

The opening of the case and all the accessories.

It is also very easy to operate this light at night or during winter when you’re wearing big cycling gloves. This is because Moon have addressed the problem with most bike lights, you use them in the dark so you need to be able to see in the dark how to switch them on. To combat this problem the on/off button illuminates blue when connected to the battery so you can easily see where to press to change the setting. There are five levels of brightness (1500 lumen, 1000 lumen, 700 lumen, 350 lumen) plus a flashing setting of 1000 lumens (my personal favourite for cycling on lit roads). The life of the battery obviously varies depending on which setting you like to use and I have found the quoted values by Moon respectable (about 15 hours on flashing mode). The charge time for the battery also doesn’t take that long (maximum 4 hours) but the light will easily last you a week of average commuting or a weekend away in-between trips to the plug socket.

All in all this is a very powerful bike light, and a way to get noticed on the roads (or notice other things on unlit roads). The design is perfect and manufacturing quality is superb, this light will last me a very long time. The only drawback is the cost of the light; with an RRP of £299.99 it is a very expensive investment. However if you can afford it I don’t think you will be disappointed in the slightest because you will be the brightest cyclist on the road.

Rating: 4.5/5

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